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Pistol Grips

FEATURING THE FINEST PISTOL GRIPS is the web site for C&C Global. have been selling fine products at gun shows from coast to coast for over 20 years. They specialize in hand gun grips.

Pistol Grips for

Revolver Grips for

Their site is organized to let you easily find the grips you need for your hand gun in a hurry.  If you have a semi automatic pistol, go to the Pistol Grips page, click on the link to your weapon's manufacturer, then on the link to your model.  Likewise, if you have a revolver, go to the Revolver Grips page and follow the links to your grip.

Check out Specials page for special handgun grip offerings. These will often be one-of-a-kind custom pistol and revolver grips that we come across, so we cannot guarantee availability.

If you have any question about pistol grips, go to Contact Us page to send us a message. You will also find our contact information and how to sign up for Their newsletter.

Their Handgun Grip Fitting page tells you what you need to know about custom fitting a grip. will warn you if you are likely to need to fit a grip, since we cannot take returns on modified grips. Info page has other general information: our privacy, terms of sale, shipping, and return policies, a site map, more information about us, and news about upcoming gun shows where we would love for you to come and meet us



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