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Millett TRS-1 - Mil Dot Rifle Scope

Millett TRS-1 - Mil Dot Rifle Scope
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Millett TRS-1 - Mil Dot Rifle Scope


LOCKING TURRETS: easy to use 1/4 turn locks the turret to prevent accidental movement of windage and elevation adjustments. Simple one screw cap retainers make for easy zero setting on elevation and windage. 1/8 MOA adjustments for accuracy on all target varmint scopes.

Each TRS-1 has the Millett Mil-DotBar reticle that makes it easy to range and figure Mils (see picture of reticle). We have changed the brightness of the green reticle to a lower level on the illuminated reticle, giving a better low-light use.

We have put a detent at 10X power for ease-of-use of the Mil-DotBar reticle, and we have removed the reflective markings to make the scope more stealth.

  • Come-up counters on the turret, so you can determine the number of turns of the elevation and windage knobs have been moved. Easy to use markings make it easy to return to zero or come up to a setting. Each line on the turret is one full turn of the adjustment knob. The TRS can still be used as true tactical scope using the mil dot bar to hold over or the shooter can come up to the sight setting by turning the knobs.
  • Lower brightness for illumination control: Many shooters have asked for lower settings on the TRS. In 2009 the settings for NV to level 5 are reduced in brightness 40% giving more useful range of illumination. The bright settings are still the same bright green that shooters have appreciated since the TRS hit the market.
  • Windage and elevation adjustments change to ° MOA and .1 Mil dot. You have a choice of a TRS in ° inch clicks or .1 mil dot in 2009. At 100 yards it takes 4 clicks to make one inch of movement. With the TRS in Mils it takes 10 clicks to make 3.6 inches at 100 yards. Less turns and easier to figure for come ups with the new generation TRS. The TRS still has an ample 90 MOA of adjustment.
  • One screw turret knobs: Instead of having to loosen 3 small screws on the windage and elevation turrets as the TRS as been in the past, the new model now has only one large screw on top of the knob for ease of setting the zero mark. The screw is held in place so you can't lose it when it's loosened.
  • Zoom ring smaller in over all diameter. Some users of the TRS have complained of their bolt handle hitting the zoom ring on the TRS. We have reduced the size of the ring to help eliminate this problem. Still has the positive grip that allow the controls to be used with gloves.

The newest generation TRS is even better and more suited to the needs of today's tactical officer and shooter. The other features that have made the TRS a winner are still there, turret-loc, excellent glass, positive clicks, strong 30mm tube, all controls visible from the shooter's position, Check them out at your dealer.


  • One-piece heavy aluminum tube for strength
  • Bright, clear, multi-coated lens for sharpness under all light conditions
  • Nitrogen filled for fog-proof lenses in cold and damp conditions
  • 1/8 MOA click adjustment for accurate windage and elevation
  • Side-focus ranging knob for accurate long-range shooting
  • Large windage, elevation, zoom ring, and side-focus knobs with deep knurling for adjustments with gloves or when your hands are wet
  • Adjustable, illuminated green Mil-Dot crosshairs for shooting in low-light conditions
  • Illuminated control knob is at 45 degrees to allow unobstructed viewing of elevation setting
  • Glass-etched reticle for strength and accuracy
  • Quick eye-focus knob to allow easy crosshair focus
  • Zoom-power ring larger than body of scope for ease of reading power setting
  • 30mm body tube for the brightest image
  • Lens shade standard

The TRS-1 gives the shooter bright and sharp optics, controls that are easy to see and use, plus many added features. The TRS-1 is designed to do the job no matter the conditions or the range. If you are serious about your scope, Millett's new tactical scope is the smart choice.