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Hoppe's Cleaning Swab

Hoppe's Cleaning Swab
Code: 100-HP-13XX
Quantity in Basket: None
Price: $1.95
Brush Size:


Hoppe's Cleaning Swab

  • 100% cotton.
  • Soft and washable.
  • Gentle, yet effective.
  • Available for all gauges and most rifle calibers.

#100-HP-1317 .410 Gauge
#100-HP-1317A 28 Gauge
#100-HP-1318 20 Gauge
#100-HP-1319 16 Gauge
#100-HP-1320 12 Gauge
#100-HP-1321 .22/.270 Caliber
#100-HP-1322 .208/.32 Caliber
#100-HP-1323 .35/.375 Caliber
#100-HP-1324 .40/45 Caliber
#100-HP-1325 17 MHR/ .204

Gun Cleaning products from Hoppe's, Hoppes Bore Snake are at Manny Firearms Training
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