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Hilco Lube Wipes 2 Pack

Hilco Lube Wipes 2 Pack
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Hilco Lube Wipes 2 Pack

Hilco Lube Wipes 10 Pack

Hilco Lube Wipes contain the multi-purpose solution that lubricates, cleans, loosens nuts and bolts and displaces water. Common applications include weapons, machinery, vehicles and tools. Each pre-treated wipe measures 7"x11".


  • Displaces moisture from the surface being cleaned
  • Non-Greasy, Resists dirt and sand from sticking
  • No need to apply an oil or cleaner and then look for a towel to wipe off the surface
  • Dirt and grit is absorbed into the towel
  • no messy overspray or drip from a liquid or aerosol
  • Towels can be reused several times. Just store in a open packet
  • Protects weapons against corrosion and fingerprints
  • Prevents flash rusting
  • Non-conductive (up to 18KV AC)
  • Fire resistant
  • USDA Authorized