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A.R.M.S. SWAN Quick Disconnect Rifle Sling

A.R.M.S. SWAN Quick Disconnect Rifle Sling
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A.R.M.S. SWAN Quick Disconnect Rifle Sling

A.R.M.S. SWAN Rifle Sling
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The A.R.M.S.R SWAN Sling was designed from the ground up to meet the dynamic needs of today's tactical operators and law enforcement officers in every situation. The initial prototype was born out of necessity and designed by an operator deployed as part of the elite assault force to both OEF (OPERATION ENDURING FREEDOM)) and OIF (OPERATION IRAQ FREEDOM). This unique system was specifically engineered to provide the maneuverability of a single point sling with the stability and performance of a dual point sling. The ability of this one sling to be reconfigured on the fly from a dual point to a single point without the need for additional hardware or complex rigging made it ideal for long patrols from the "Z" without compromising performance on the "X".

  • Easily and quickly transitions from dual point to single point configurations without the need for additional sling hardware.
  • Dynamic adjustment allows for rapid cinching of the sling for maximum stability or controlled loosening for increased mobility.
  • Proprietary Quad-Bungee System provides ideal amount of elasticity to allow for rapid engagements and muzzle strikes in all configurations.
  • QD attachment facilitates controlled sling release during vehicle ops, emergency egress or casualty evacuation.
  • The solid metal Quick-Release hooks used to secure the sling to the weapon are the same type QD hooks used in a variety of safety equipment due to their inherent strength and reliability.
  • The Quick Disconnect (QD) version which includes the Metal QD hooks is ready to go out of the box to work with many modern combat M4 configurations.
  • Intelligently designed to allow the key hardware to be repaired or replaced in the field without the need for sewing equipment.
  • Available in Coyote Brown or Black (B), both with black metal hardware.