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Buffer Technologies Colt 1911 & Clones Recoil Buffer

Buffer Technologies Colt 1911 & Clones Recoil Buffer
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Buffer Technologies Colt 1911 & Clones Recoil Buffer

Gunsmiths around the world have long recommended that recoil buffers be used in the 1911. And why not? They reduce muzzle jump, they reduce felt recoil and they extend the pistol's service life as well!

Installation is a breeze and requires no tools. In a couple of minutes you'll be ready to head for the range and you'll have no trouble feeling the difference the first time you shoot with it!

With all the custom parts available for the 1911 and its many clones, you can very quickly invest many hundreds of dollars into it. But when the actions starts to loosen, all those custom parts become just so many pieces. So why not give your pistol the highest degree of protection available, the Buffer Technologies 1911 Recoil Buffer™!

What Is A Recoil Buffer?? What Can It Do For Your Gun?

A Recoil Buffer is a product designed by Buffer Technologies to cushion the trauma your bolt and receiver experience during normal cartridge discharge.

Each carefully designed buffer is made from a polyurethane with specific shock-absorbing properties. When it is placed between the bolt and what it slams against at the extreme range of its travel, the buffer acts as a gentle cushion. Without the buffer, the bolt is driven backwards to make direct violent contact with another piece of steel. In time, this pounding takes its toll. The gun becomes less accurate and the action becomes dangerously loose.