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Buffer Technologies Beretta 92/96 Recoil Buffer

Buffer Technologies Beretta 92/96 Recoil Buffer
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Buffer Technologies Beretta 92/96 Recoil Buffer

Our buffer for the Beretta 92/96 is a departure from our original line of buffers. It was not possible to place a cushioning buffer between the slide and frame, as with our other recoil buffers, without making our own guide rod.

This new design includes a stainless steel guide rod with a slide bushing and, of course, a recoil buffer. The guide rod and slide bushing are made from a high carbon stainless steel which has a hardness of 48-52 Rockwell.

During our testing, we fired in excess of 1,000 rounds through a Langdon Tactical Technologies 92 Vertec. Not a single malfunction was experienced! By installing the new guide rod and buffer you too will reduce felt recoil, enhance muzzle control, and lengthen service life. The guide rod and buffer will fit both the 92 and 96 series of Beretta handguns.

Installation is a simple: slide the bushing into the guide rod hole in the slide and swap your old guide rod for our new one, complete with buffer. When you pull the slide to the rear, the slide contacts the buffer before it impacts the frame.

Note: This buffer will only work in the full size variants of the Models 92 and 96. Also works in Taurus 92/96.