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Magpul MOE AR-15 Pistol Grip, Black

Magpul MOE AR-15 Pistol Grip, Black
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Magpul MOE Grip, Black

The Magpul Original Equipment (MOE) AR-15 pistol grip improves comfort for better weapon handling and control.

The new Magpul Original Equipment (MOE) pistol grip gives the shooter a more comfortable, secure grasp than the standard, A2-style grip for better trigger control and recoil management with less fatigue.

  • It improves weapon handling during precisely aimed shots as well as sustained semi- or full-auto fire.
  • Rigid, fully supported one-piece construction from reinforced, high-impact polymer, with crackle texture on the sides and deep horizontal grooves on frontstrap and backstrap to keep your hand firmly in place, even when wet.
  • Curved beavertail fills the grip-to-receiver junction to help you maintain a comfortable hold and protect the web of you hand during sustained firing.
  • Removable grip cap provides access to a roomy internal storage compartment for spare batteries, cleaning supplies, small bottle of oil, or even a spare bolt.