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PRI 30mm Extra High Tactical Scope Rings

PRI 30mm Extra High Tactical Scope Rings
Code: ROP-003-020
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PRI Tactical Scope Rings - 30mm Extra High

Aesthetics. The black matte, non-reflective finish is one that complements most guns and scopes and lends itself to a high-tech look. Ease of mounting. The high strength socket head screws used throughout translate into no broken screw heads. With the rings keyed to the base, mounting is precise and accurate. If scope removal is desired, scope and rings may be removed, and when replaced, the shot group will return to within 1/4 minute of angle or 1/4" at 100 yards.

The qualities that make these mounts valuable assets to police and S.W.A.T teams make them a wise choice for long range target shooters and those who demand quality and reliability in their mounting systems. These rings join the growing inventory of firearm accessories from PRECISION REFLEX , researcher of innovative, precision technology.