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SAMSON SPDTool - Sig Sauer Pistols Pocket Tool

SAMSON SPDTool - Sig Sauer Pistols Pocket Tool
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SAMSON SPDTool - Sig Sauer Pistols Pocket Tool

"As a competitor, pistolsmith and trainer I find my gearbag increasing in size and weight. Mr. Conti's ingenious design sets a new standard in mobile gunsmithing. The SPDTool is as innovative as the integrated circuit was to electronics." - Randy Lee - Master Gunsmith - Apex Tactical Specialties

The SPDTool Model S is a Pocket-sized field disassembly tool for many models of Sig SauerTM Pistols.

The SPDTool Model S can be used to perform many of the operations required to disassemble the frame of the P220, P225, P226, P228, P229, P239*, and P245 DA and SA pistols.
  • Removal of slotted grip screws (bit is replaceable with any standard 1/4" hex-drive bit)
  • Magazine catch and support plate removal and installation
  • Mainspring removal (old style and 2-piece assemblies)
  • Magazine disassembly (10 round and 15 round)
  • Removal and installation alignment of pivot pins
  • Removal and installation of springs

The SPDTool Model S has a Patent Pending. It is made in the USA and assembled by hand to ensure the highest quality.