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Tapco AK-47 Retainer Plate

Tapco AK-47 Retainer Plate
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Tapco AK-47 Retainer Plate

The TAPCO G2 fire control groups are the most reliable and best selling AK triggers on the market. To accompany that product we have created an equally impressive AK retaining plate. The TAPCO Retaining Plate installs in seconds, quickly securing pins in position to keep your trigger group in place. The TAPCO Retaining Plate works in virtually all AK's including the Tantal version.

Unlike other retaining plates on the market, the TAPCO Retaining Plate is finished in a military phosphate coating, one of the most durable and long lasting coating options available. It also features an installation tab for ease of use inserting and removing the plate. This small bend at the top of the plate gives you multi-directional control when working with the tight confines of the AK receiver.