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AR-15 Stocks

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Choose the Right AR-15 Stock

Your AR 15 rifle should be a principal part of determining the right stock. A sniper setup will surely have an entirely different set of stock prerequisites compared to some CQB AR15 rifle.

Take the Magpul PRS Precision Adjustable Stock for example, this stock is obviously made for the sniper installment, versus most AR15 stocks that are made for close-quarters use.

Sling Attachment

Slings have something to do with purpose and a number of stocks feature integrated attachment points. The way you want it place in a sling ought to be considered. Check out AR15 stocks with numerous possible placements such as the Ergo F93 AR15 ProStock 8 Position Collapsible Stock.


The better a stock matches one’s form, the better it'll be when the action starts. It should be ideal when shouldered and conform to your body and cheek position when you're sighted on a target. Some are simple solutions like the guide positioning of the cheek rest.

Adjustable or Fixed

Adjustable (AKA collapsible) stocks are most likely the most well-known stocks to the AR-15, though the fixed stock has its own audience. Collapsible stocks generally have between 8 and 4 unique positions, which permits you to adjust the duration of the stock to your own height, shooting style, and portability requirements.

Weapon Length

Partly associated with the weapon’s purpose, some AR15 stocks will probably work on a certain length really nicely and be a poor performer on others. This is true with adjustable stocks. This is also relative to the user, and adjustable (collapsible) stocks offer the best flexibility for a wide selection of users.


The remainder of the weapon could become a critical factor in functionality, and the stock’s weight with the positioning of other tactical accessories play a role in this. For instance, when you've a longer handguard, a heavier stock can in fact help balance the weapon. Different materials, design and construction can also mean wide variance on weight.


The material of choice is pinned on the weight concerns as well as longevity. Polymer is the most famous choice with regards to weight and the Magpul MOE Carbine Stock is a good example of this. Storage. Additional storage can be demanded and quite commonly you'll get it on the stock, exactly as on the Magpul STR storage stock. This storage is particularly useful for keeping batteries for your optics, lights, and lasers. You could also store little repair parts like a fire trap, or a number of rounds of ammo! Legality. Some stocks aren't legal in certain places, so wherever you're, this matter has to be looked into.

The stock might be the ideal one however it might not be legal where you're bummer. Legal concerns aside, a large part of selecting the ideal inventory for your AR 15 comes to function and personal fit. In the long run, what you plan to perform with your AR 15 becomes a huge part of selecting and deciding the perfect stock. Personal tastes or how this stock fits and feels for you is secondary, but it's no less significant. You or your weapon is one, take inventory in this thought and it ought to make it an easier choice.

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The distinction between inferior quality and premium AR Stock is undeniable. At MWG & MSP, we only offer AR-15 Accessories from the most trusted brands. Buy with confidence that we stand behind the product we sell.