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Works better than the stock slant break. Finishes off the look at the end of the barrel.

Better than the shepherd'so hook. Had a good tight fit.

Excellent Item! The 25mm model fit my Mossberg 500 SPX perfectly and allowed me to mount a SureFire X300 Ultra Weapon Light securely below the barrel. The mount has a "jackscrew hole" to crank the mount open slightly using one of the provided 8-32 screws. Spreading the mount slightly in this manner allows it to be carefully positioned, radially, on the magazine tube before final tightening, WITHOUT marring the tubes finish by wrestling the snug fitting mount around into the desired position. Best $55.00 solution I've found to mount a light or LASER!!!!

Excellent product. I ordered the wrong size and the folks at Mounting Solutions went 200% above to make me happy even though it was MY mistake. I have never experienced the outstanding communications I received by any other company. I highly recommend them to anyone.

Excellent, Just what Ruger should have supplied with the gun in the first place! Arrived quickly, no hassles. This ones a no brainer. Bolt it on and forget it.

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(average out of 118 votes: 3.1 stars)

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