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Magpul MBUS Back-Up Rear Sight - GEN 2
Magpul MBUS Back-Up Rear Sight - GEN 2
Purchase Magpul MBUS Back-Up Rear Sight - GEN 2
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    Magpul MBUS Back-Up Rear Sight - GEN 2

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If you are looking for a low-cost choice in back-up sights then Magpul’s MBUS products might be exactly what you are looking for. Ideal for increasing operator sight under stressful conditions, the MBUS sights are extremely durable and light thanks to the special polymer material they are made of. This polymer is extremely impact resistant and allows for color injection molding, which keeps the prices low.

The windage is adjustable and the sight fits your military standard 1913 Piccatiny rail. It is especially compatible with the AR15/M16/M4 rifles. The windage can be adjusted with a special detent knob.

The rear MBUS sight comes in four different colors to choose from: foliage green, olive drab, dark earth and black. The detent and spring pressure will keep the sight erect, but it can be easily folded under pressure. The sight can be flipped open from both sides and the top, allowing both left and right handed operators to use it with ease. Protective wings prevent any damage from happening to the dual flip apertures.

The GEN 2 brings more new features to this accessory, by reducing the size and bringing both small and large apertures on the same plane.
Here are the features on the MBUS Back-up rear sight in short:

  • Four color choices: olive drab, green foliage, dark earth and black.
  • Detent knob adjusts windage simply and positively.
  • Can be adjusted onto any Piccatiny 1913 rail or STANAG 4694.
  • Protective wings to prevent damage to the dual flip apertures.
  • Detent and spring pressure keep the sight erect, but can also fold under pressure to avoid damage.
  • Polymer construction prevents damage from impact and use.

If you don’t want to be shooting blind you should get yourself one of these little helpers. This accessory is extremely light and handy in many situations. Get your own MBUS rear back-up sight and enjoy true Magpul quality!

  • MBUS Rear Gen 2
    • Weight, w/ hardware: 1.3 oz.
    • Height above rail, stowed: ~0.51 in.
    • Length, stowed: 2.6 in.
    • Length, deployed: 1.5 in.
NEW Features for GEN 2
  • Reduced size for greater optics compatibility
  • Both small and large apertures are on the same plane

Made in U.S.A.

#MAG-248-BLK Black
#MAG-248-FDE Dark Earth
#MAG-248-GRY Gray
#MAG-248-ODG Olive Drab