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Magpul MBUS Pro - Magpul Back-Up AR-15 Sight – Rear
Magpul MBUS Pro - Magpul Back-Up AR-15 Sight – Rear
Purchase Magpul MBUS Pro - Magpul Back-Up AR-15 Sight – Rear
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    Magpul MBUS Pro - Magpul Back-Up AR-15 Sight – Rear

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The Economical and Long Lasting Magpul MBUS Pro - Magpul Back-Up AR-15 Sight – Rear

Make, material, flexibility, durability and finally the price – the Magpul MBUS PRO Back up AR 15 Sight (Rear) is an excellent choice for these reasons and more. The MBUS PRO offers outstanding stability and hardiness with an exceptional functional base, at a price that is pretty incredible. Its affordability gives it an edge among its various competitors in the market.

The product which is completely manufactured in the Unites States has a number of positive detents that serve to maintain the position of the MBUS PRO Front and Rear at the accepted AR Sight elevation level. When stowed away, it becomes so inconspicuous that you tend to forget its presence till the time you actually need to use it. The Front is of very fine width and works exceptionally well with nearly every IR Aiming Laser and light installation available for professional shooters. The Front can be easily regulated for height and the Rear can be amended for windage, both of which can be done without the support of any tools. These together with the dual aperture match well with all kinds of 1913 Picatinny rail mounting applications as well as rail height gas blocks.

Measurements and Components of MBUS PRO - Back Up AR 15 - Rear

  • The MBUS PRO is made entirely of Steel.
  • Ferritic Nitrocarburizing method is used to ensure the product is toughened and reinforced. This increases its capacity to withstand intense levels of wear & tear and corrosion.
  • The MBUS PRO is constructed to mount on every MIL STD 1913 Picatinny or STANAG 4694 rail.
  • It is equipped with a discreet and understated knob that enables easy windage regulation with no help from outside tools.
  • Positive detents are present in both up and down positions and serve to preserve the arrangement at the requisite level.
  • It has been built to acquire the standard AR Sight elevation on deployment.
  • The entire hardware weighs about 1.80 oz
  • The Height above rail, stowed is approximately 0.37".
  • The Length, stowed comes to about 2.1"
  • The overall aperture height over the rail is 1.41”
  • The diameter of the smaller aperture is about 0.07” and that of the larger aperture is about 0.19”.
  • MBUS Pro – Rear
    • Weight, w/ hardware: 1.80 oz.
    • Height above rail, stowed, at mid-point: ~0.37"
    • Length, stowed: 2.1"
    • Aperture height over rail: 1.41"
    • Small aperture dia.: 0.07"
    • Large aperture dia.: 0.19"