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Magpul MS1 Sling
Magpul MS1 Sling
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    Magpul MS1 Sling

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The popular brand Magpul has recently released its MS1 Multi-Mission Sling, which is certainly a great addition to any form of tactical rifle. This sling has been designed to be a dedicated two-point sling which can be effortlessly converted into a single-point sling with the use of optional adapters.  The MS1 Sling from Magpul features rapid adjustments that show no signs of slipping or snagging hazards. The MS1 Sling also provides for easy shoulder transitions for both hands-free carrying and also support for various shooting positions. Adapters based on both the MS3 and MS4 slings from Magpul can also be added in order to provide you with a single-point capability. You are also guaranteed a high level of quality knowing that much like everything else produced from Magpul, the MS1 sling is made in the USA and is Berry compliant.

Magpul has most certainly taken their multi-mission sling one step further from their previous MS2 and MS3 designs. The MS1 has been tailor-built from webbing that is able to interface with multiple adapter types which are offered by Magpul, as mentioned above. With the multiple adapter options, such as the MS3, Ms4, Paraclip, QD and many more, it allows the shooter to specifically tailor their sling for their mission.

As the MS1 is marketed primarily a two-point sling designed it comes in tactical colour variations such as black, grey, coyote, and green. The MS1 has also been primarily fashioned in order to keep your firearm close to your body as well as providing additional support while shooting.

A carbine sling is much more than just a strap which simply runs from your firearm’s buttstock to the hand guard. There is far more complexity involved beyond just that. And let’s not forget to mention the various ways you can use the strap to your best advantage. It’s certainly safe to say that Magpul has recognised that there are many different opinions from their customers when it comes down to their products, and with those opinions they have done a great job in producing and manufacturing a sling that many shooters will enjoy and appreciate.

The MS1 sling features a slider that allows the user to the change the overall length of the rifle sling without the use of tails, loops or potential snagging hazards. It also boasts a generous 1-1/4″ wide webbing which is both NIR and wear resistant while also remaining anti-chafe for your comfort.

But what is responsible for differentiating this sling from many others on the market? The answer is simple. It’s slider buckle. The slider buckle on the MS1 from Magpul allows the user to quickly and effectively alter the overall length of the sling. There is no denying this can be exceptionally useful for awkward shooting positions which may necessitate a slightly looser fit. Nevertheless, perhaps you prefer to strap your firearm tightly to your body in order for you to reach your sidearm without your rifle swaying around freely.

As you would expect from the designer kings of polymer accessories, everything about the MS1’s hardware is manufactured from plastic. This may be unappealing to some, but the sling is incredibly durable and stands up to plenty of abuse on the field. Magpul also claims that their MS1 sling has been robustly tested to thousands of different cycles in dry, wet, and sandy conditions, both field and lab conditions. What’s more, the MS1 sling is rated to handle impressive static loads of 300 lbs. over a course of 72 hours. The MS1 sling is exceptionally affordable and retails around $34.95 for the base model and with the option of adapters you can expect to pay between $9.95 to $24.95 respectively.


  • Dedicated two-point sling
  • Rapidly adjustable for length (shorter or longer) with new MS1™ Slider
  • No tails, loops, or other potential snag hazards
  • Light weight yet durable hardware made of heavy-duty polymer
  • Custom 1-1/4" wide nylon webbing material is strong and wear resistant while remaining anti-chafe for user comfort
  • Colored webbing has Near Infrared (NIR) treatment to reduce IR signature
  • Can be configured for two to one-point convertibility with optional adapters