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Magpul MS3 Rifle Sling GEN 2
Magpul MS3 Rifle Sling GEN 2
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    Magpul MS3 Rifle Sling GEN 2

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While looking to create a highly adaptable, multi-purpose and tough Sling System that would serve well across a host of environments, conditions and operations, the Magpul Dynamics SM instructors came up with a design by drawing knowledge and inspiration from their deep functional expertise. The product was the MS3 Rifle Sling Gen 2.

MS3 Rifle Sling Gen 2- Benefits

MS3, on its own, is a highly reliable sling system that is also blessed with quick adaptability which ensures that the user is able to effectively control the movement of single point attachment that aids in direct action or a double point attachment that aids in steadiness. With provisions for simple one hand modifications, rapid release mechanism and locking hardware, the system grants its user great robustness and flexibility.

When the same is used in combination with a Magpul ASAP plate, it ensures that the multiple shifts and changeovers in shooting positions are flawless. It essentially means that partnering with the Magpul ASAP, which is to be purchased separately; the MS3 eradicates the chances of getting bound or fouled.

The design also allows the operator to swap between the Reaction and Weapon shoulder with great ease and this is particularly useful in reducing exposure when one is shooting from under vehicles or around bends and turns. On the account of a user sustaining injuries to his / her upper limbs, the MS3 aids in maintaining the fight position of the firearm which in turn improves chances of survival.

The Gen 2 is quite light due to the inclusion of an understated Slider. This slider is swift to regulate and easy to operate and highly dependable. One can also notice a substantial increase in the webbing length which guarantees compatibility with a variety of armor and body types. The MS3, made in the US and confirming completely to the Berry Amendment, is available in a couple of new colors including Ranger Green and Gray in addition to the previous choices of Black and Coyote.


Characteristics and Dimensions

  • The MS3 is made of toughened Steel and a hard-wearing polymer which ensures that it is highly stable and long-lasting. In spite of its toughness and durability, it is quite light.
  • It allows for rapid changeover from singe to double point configuration.
  • It incorporates Symmetrical Paraclip™ shackles which aids in rapid changeovers and speedy release of the weapon in times of urgency. For added safety, every Paraclip is provided with a Cross-Bolt Lock Bar which gives the user the choice to lock the lever when needed.
  • The levers are toughened against deterioration and abrasion through a procedure called Ferritic Nitrocarburizing.
  • An easy to control Slider serves to induce or eliminate sling tension.
  • The webbing is 1.25 inches across and made of tough, sturdy material which is unaffected by scuffing and friction. It is also Near Infrared resistant.
  • Front Mounting of MS3 works well along with the Magpul RSA, MSA and the Forward Sling mount.
  • The rear mounting goes well with the Magpul ASAP and SGA Receiver Sling Mount to enable great transitions.
  • Both the front and rear mounts work equally well with QD sling swivels and other sling loops with an internal diameter of a minimum of 3/8”.

If your need calls for an extremely tough, enduring rifle sling that is also adaptable for multi-situations and operations, the MS3 will be a great choice to go for.

Black: MAG-514-BLK
Coyote Tan : MAG-514-COY
Gray: MAG-514-GRY
Ranger Green : MAG-514-RGR