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Magpul MS3 QD Rifle Sling GEN 2
Magpul MS3 QD Rifle Sling GEN 2
Purchase Magpul MS3 QD Rifle Sling GEN 2
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    Magpul MS3 QD Rifle Sling GEN 2

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The MS3 was created keeping in mind the need for rapid sling adjustments along with a considerable reduction in mass. While retaining most of the standard features and dimensions of the MS3, the QD Rifle sling incorporates a new hard wearing push button for one-point weapon attachment instead of a Magpul Paraclip. This means that the QD Sling retains the characteristics that allow for rapid swap between single and two point configuration and operability for multiple missions. It is also built with materials similar to that of the regular MS3 that ensure durability and endurance under tough conditions.

The inclusion of the push button provides great congruence with QD Sling Cups which are usually present on the lower receivers, end plates and buttstocks. As in MS3, the QD version also includes a rapid adjust slider which reduces the mass and weight of the sling while simultaneously ensuring an easy, uncomplicated and safe regulation of the sling. The webbing has an enhanced length which works well with all body types and armors. Ranger Green and Gray are the extra choices available in colors apart from the usual Black and Coyote. The QD is also manufactured in the US conforming totally to the Berry Amendment.

Traits and Elements

  • It features ahard wearing push-button QD sling swivel for single point attachment, fromthe rear.
  • The material isquite light while being extremely robust and long-lasting. It has beenbuilt from hardened steel together with a highlydurable polymer.
  • The Paraclip™shackle ensures that there is quick changeover between single andtwo-point configurations. The Cross-Bolt Lock Bar within the Paraclip enablesthe operator to lock its lever when required, thus ensuring bettersecurity.
  • The lever is toughenedby a Ferritic Nitrocarburizing method to enable it to withstand highlevels of wear and tear.
  • The webbing ismade from an exceptionally robust and sturdy Nylon material which is alsoexceedingly resilient to deterioration. The webbing is about 1.25 inchesacross and is NIR resistant. The webbing comes in 3 different colorsnamely, Gray, Recon Green and Coyote.
  • The FrontMounting is well complemented by the Magpul RSA, MSA and Forward SlingMount and the Rear mounting operates well with one point QD Socket enabledreceivers, end plates and buttstocks.
  • The rear andfront mounting is also flexible with QD sling swivels and Sling loops (diameterof 3/8”, 9/16” or above) for two point approaches.

The QD Rifle Sling is pretty much a twin of the MS3 that specifically caters to those whose need calls for compatibility with QD Sling Cups.

Black: MAG-515-BLK
Coyote Tan : MAG-515-COY
Gray: MAG-515-GRY
Ranger Green : MAG-515-RGR