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Magpul MS1 MS4 QD Sling Adapter
Magpul MS1 MS4 QD Sling Adapter
Purchase Magpul MS1 MS4 QD Sling Adapter
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    Magpul MS1 MS4 QD Sling Adapter

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A Look at the ambidextrous and durable Magpul MS1 MS4 QD Adapter

The MS1 MS4 QD Adapter retains much of the dimensions and characteristics of the MS3 with a few extra features to enable speedy changeovers between single and two point configurations. While looking to acquire two to one point convertibility, this adapter can be effectively combined with the MS1 Sling and the QD Sling Swivel. Magpul Industries has constructed the adapter from a Manganese Phosphate finished Steel and case hardened Melonite to ensure durability. It is also equipped with a tough, heavy duty and hitch free 1 to ¼” webbing. As in the MS3 QD Adapter, the MS4 also enhances fast release capabilities.

Aspects and Elements – MS4 QD Adapter

  • When the Magpul MS1 MS4 QD Adapter is blended with the MS1 Sling (MAG 513) along with the QD Sling Swivel (MAG 540), it offers rapid transitions between single point and two point configurations.
  • It is equipped with a tough and hard wearing push button QD Sling Swivel to enable one point attachment.
  • The material is less in terms of bulk and mass. Despite its low bulk it shows great endurance capabilities due to the toughened Melonite and Manganese Phosphate buffed Steel in the hardware.
  • The QD Shackle allows ambidexterity and along with the QD Sling Swivels ensures effortless conversion. It also grants rapid release potential to the weapon which is a precious asset in times of emergency.
  • The webbing comes in multiple colors and is made of a tough Nylon material which bestows it with an excellent wear and tear capacity along with being anti-chafe to allow ease of use.
  • The webbing is about 1.25 inches across and is Near Infrared resistant.
  • The Front Sling Mounting, while using the QD Sling Swivel, is flexible with the Magpul RSA QD and Forward Sling Mounts. It is also quite compatible with a number of push button QD sockets to enable its use in two point mode.
  • The Rear Sling Mounting is operational with receivers, end plates and buttstocks that comprise of a QD Socket with a push button mechanism for single point attachments.
  • The Adapter is available in multiple colors including Black (MAG 519 BLK), Gray (MAG 519 GRY), Ranger Green (MAG 519 RGR) and Coyote (MAG 519 COY).


Color Models:
MAG-519-BLK - Black
MAG-519-COY - Coyte Tan
MAG-519-GRY - Gray
MAG-519-RGR - Ranger Green