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Muzzelite Bullpup Rifle Stock for the Ruger 10/22
Muzzelite Bullpup Rifle Stock for the Ruger 10/22
Purchase Muzzelite Bullpup Rifle Stock for the Ruger 10/22
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    Muzzelite Bullpup Rifle Stock for the Ruger 10/22

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for the Ruger10/22

The most outstanding characteristic of the MUZZELITE bullpup stock, after mounting on your rifle, is the full span of 26-1/2". This affords you the ability to carry the firearm with superior portability. Whether your game is plinking or hunting, the MUZZELITE bullpup stock will transform a lengthy firearm into a compressed weapon framework within a few minutes!

The stock as well has altered sights which are modifiable for elevation and windage. The elevation is done using the fore sight while the windage is fixed using the back sight. The stock additionally comes furnished with a scope mount which is installed on the hand-grip.

It is made using fiberglass resistant plastic and models heavyweight barrels and stander barrels (with minor adjustments).
It comes packed with the much needed Allen wrench.

It would be ideal if you note:

The Bullpup stocks can't be fired when held in the left hand and as such only fitting for shooters who are right-handed.
Quite a few extended magazines may not clear the singlehanded grip.
Download sample instructions

Please note:

  • Bullpup stocks cannot be fired in a left handed position and are therefore only suitable for right handed shooters.
  • Some high capacity magazines may not clear the pistol grip.
  • No order to Canada


To comply with Federal Law, not only must your rifle have a 16 inch or longer barrel, but the overall length of the weapon must be 26 inches or greater. Placing a rifle with a relatively short barrel in a Muzzelite stock may result in violation of the 26 inch length restriction, even though the barrel length remains in compliance. Muzzelite stocks are 23 inches long, and so require a minimum of 3 inches of barrel extension beyond the stock.

It is your obligation to measure the overall length of your weapon, out of the stock, to ensure it will remain in compliance with the 26 inch length restriction when placed in a Muzzelite stock. If your weapon has a barrel that complies, but the overall weapon length will not meet the 26 inch restriction if placed in a Muzzelite stock, do NOT, repeat NOT, assemble your weapon in the Muzzelite stock.

Remember that these restrictions are only those imposed by Federal law. Some states or localities may impose additional restrictions. It is your obligation to research ALL laws applicable to your locale, and to remain in compliance with ALL applicable laws, not just Federal restrictions.

This notice does not apply to any NFA weapon to which length restrictions are inapplicable, which has been lawfully approved for possession by the BATFE and local governments.

Again, it is your obligation to ensure that your weapon remains in compliance with ALL applicable length restrictions. Muzzelite is not responsible for your assembly of non-compliant weapons.

Muzzelite stocks have been a safe and effective alternative stock for many years. While there have been no reports of injury, it has come to our attention that in some cases, dimensional differences in receivers may allow some rifles to move within a Muzzelite stock. In that event, an unintended discharge is theoretically possible. If you have any question about your rifle in its Muzzelite stock, please call 1-800-428-9394. If you have concerns, we can help you arrange to ship your rifle for examination. Shipping costs would initially be borne by you. If your rifle and receiver combination permits any movement of the rifle within the stock, we will upgrade your stock with two alternative parts, re-install the rifle, test it for function, and return it. If your rifle requires upgraded parts, the upgrade will be done without charge and your shipping costs refunded to you.

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