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Reliability at a magazine means two things, less time when the shooter is exposed to danger, and more time spent engaging the target. To be known as reliable, a magazine wants to do several things well. It must feel as entirely as possible under normal and adverse conditions. It must resist harm because of rough handling, impacts, along with other hazards of extreme use. It must be simple to maintain and clean. To be reliable, the journal must be unstoppable. For years, weapons stoppages because of magazines were frequent and were considered a fact of life. Magpul set out to change that, and in the year 2007, the guns magazine market has been changed forever with the introduction of the PMAG.

It broke the credibility barrier by proving that a polymer magazine couldn't only meet, but additionally exceed, the durability and credibility of the USGI aluminum AR-15 magazine. Following a decade of rigorous government testing and tens Of tens of thousands of rounds later, the PMAG has shown itself to be the single most trustworthy magazine made. To emphasize this fact, in 2017, the four US military services, US SOCOM, and the US Coast Guard either fully adopted or approved PMAG as their main magazine offering. At Magpul, our whole line of magazines is designed, manufactured, and tested to exceed anything you are likely to ask of them. Our demanding scientific testing procedures go well beyond what others consider requirements, and the results are clear. After a successful decade on the battlefield, where reliability counts most, the PMAG has earned the title of the most fielded polymer magazine for the AR15\/M4 family of weapons platforms.